PUBG Mobile Vs Call Of Duty Mobile : Which one you should play?

Recently Activision Publishing launched Call of Duty Mobile which is a battle royale game and a big alternative game for PUBG Mobile, This post is comparison between call of duty mobile and pubg mobile, In this I will talk about graphics, modes, maps and most important weapons.

pubg mobile vs call of duty mobile

For those who never played a battle royale game, let me tell you the simple logic for this game. A battle royale game is the last man standing game where players have to survive till the last or till you or your team is the only living. There is a zone that shrinks after some time-interval. If you are out of the zone then you will get damage or you will die if you stay out of the zone for long time. All players are dropped from a plane ( you can choose where to jump ) and after landing you have to find weapons and surviving items like health kits, armors, and helmets.

Now there are many battle royal games available in market then why I am going for cod mobile vs pubg mobile, that is because PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale game and call of duty mobile comes from a big established gaming company.

Call Of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Detailed Comparison

Downloading Size and in-game downloads -  

First thing that comes in mind of many smartphone users that " Will this game run on my mobile or not ?" and how much memory it will use so first comparison is size.
  • PUBG Mobile requires 2.2 GB of data to get download and install and after downloading there are many in-game downloads that you need to download, like the maps which are around 600MB and a resource pack that is around 400 MB so for a fully functional game you need to download 3.3 GB.
    pubg mobile home screen
  • On the other hand Call Of Duty Mobile only needs 1.1 GB and there are no in-game download now ( there can be in future).
    call of duty mobile home
On after downloading and installing the game we need to create our character

Sign-up options and Character creation

After successfully downloading game you need to create account to play the game.
  • In pubg mobile you can signup using Facebook, twitter, Google Play and you can create and customize your character like selecting gender, face design, hair styles etc.
  • Call of Duty only offer two signup options for now and they are Facebook and Guest Login. There are no character creation like pubg , there are characters from old Call of Duty games like Captain Price, Ghost etc you can unlock them as you level up.

Game Modes and View Perspective

Game modes are most important because playing same mode every time can be boring so lets compare available modes of these games.
  •  PUBG offers three game modes which are Battle Royale Mode , Arcade Mode, Evo Ground (Zombie Mode).  
    • View Perspective (TPP or FPP ) - PUBG Mobile battle royale mode can be played in both Third Person Perspective (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP), while arcade mode in only playable in TPP and TDM allows both TPP and FPP.
    • Battle Royale - 100 players and last man standing wins. One battle royale game can run for average 25-30 min.
    • Arcade Mode  -  There are modes like 
      • War Mode - in which there are unlimited re-spawn with a particular weapon type.
      • Sniper Training where only sniper is allowed.
      • Quick Match - Specific weapon types battle royale with 40 players.
      • Mini Zone - 8 min battle royal with 60 players.
    • Evo Ground  - Game where zombie comes in herd and you have to survive.
      • TDM -  This is 4v4 team death match. the first team to reach 40 points win and every kill counts as a point.
      • Infection Mode - Players turn into zombie and defender randomly in a small can read the full review of this mode here - PUBG Mobile Infection mode.
      • Darkest Night - Zombie mode where are computer driven zombies attack players.
      •  Survive Till Dawn - Another zombie mode.

  • Call of Duty Mobile offer two game modes at current version but they have a mode which says coming soon. 
    • View Perspective (TPP or FPP ) - Battle Royal is the only mode in cod that you can play in both tpp and fpp and multiplayer mode only supports fpp.
    • Battle Royale - 100 players last man standing mode. Less time to complete than a normal pubg mobile game. gameplay is faster.
    • Multiplayer Mode  -  Normally a 5v5 player mode with different game-plays.
      • Frontline - 5v5 player mode which ever team reaches 40 points first wins.
      • Search and Destroy - one team has to plant bomb and another team has to stop them from planting bomb or defuse the bomb if planted.
      • Domination - In this mode we score by holding a spot for some time, there are 3 spots to hold.
      • TDM  - pvp mode, first team to reach the score limit wins.
        cod mobile multiplayer modes
    • Zombie Mode - coming soon in call of duty mobile. hope they add this mode soon. 
One of the best thing about cod is that Call of duty offers 5 maps for multiplayer modes so you can choose different maps to play while pubg arcade mode mostly uses Erangel map's different areas.
Now after comparing the modes lets talk about maps of these games

Maps Available In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers 4 battle royale maps and 2 Evo Ground maps.
  • Erangel - The classic map, this map is most played map and it is good for all types of players like it is good for sniping, good for mid and close range fight.
  • Miramar - Desert Map which mainly focus on Sniping. No place for players who loves to prone because in this prone enemies can easily be detected because there in very less bushes and grass.
  • Shanhok - A grassy map that is good for close encounters. This map is full of grass and bushes so detecting a prone enemy is very difficult in this map.  
  • Vikendi - The snow map of pubg, fully covered with white snow layers and frozen lakes.
  • Warehouse - This map is for team death match and there is news of adding another tdm map.
  • Infection Mode Map - This map is only made infection mode with trampolines which helps you to jump.
 Call of duty mobile has 1 battle royal map and 5 multiplayer mode maps
  • Isolated - This map is very new for me but, as much as I have played the map looks great for both close and long rage encounters. There are helicopters to travel faster, and rocket launchers to destroy them.
  • Standoff- Good for both long range with hiding spots.
  • Crash Map - another great map with hiding spots to surprise enemies and few good spots for snipers.
  • Nuketown Map - This is very small map and good for close range combat.
  • Crossfire Map - Great for snipers and mid range combat lovers.
  • Killhouse - Great for close combat lovers,
  • Hijacked  - very small map, ship in ocean good for close range combat.
call of duty mobile maps

Weapons comparison in pubg and cod mobile 

Both the game support similar types of weapons, there are Snipers , Assault Rifles, SMG which uses 9mm and pistols. but Call of Duty Mobile weapons looks more modern and advance while pubg mobile's guns feels which uses old technology. There are so many advance snipers that can detect enemies using thermal ray or from heat , I don't know what it is called exactly.
The bullets are same as 7.64mm, 5.56mm , 9mm, .45ACP.

I will bring you a detailed guide for Call of Duty Mobile soon.

Graphics comparison of pubg mobile and call of duty

 Call of duty gives us different maps and all are high quality. COD Mobile is provide modern house and attractive house designs and pubg mobile also have high quality graphics.

I will bring you two different post explaining the map and weapons in call of duty mobile. Stay connected.

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