PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Leaks with Release Date Confirmed

Playerunknown Battlegrounds aka PUBG mobile is here with its brand new update 0.15.0 which will be bringing so many new features with a new game mode. PUBG Mobile season 9 is halfway done and the beta version of the 0.15 update is hinting cool stuff to come out soon.

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Release Date 

PUBG Mobile has officially confirmed the release date of pubg. PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update will be going to released on October 16th, 2019.

So lets find out what is in pubg mobile beta version that can be a part of 0.15.0 global version of the game.Lets start from the new mode that will allow players to fly helicopters in pubg

Payload Mode with Helicopters and Rocket Launchers

The wait is over for those who were waiting for flying helicopters in pubg mobile, As PUBG Mobile tweeted about this new arcade mode, they said that this mode will be an absolute blast.
In payload mode, players can fly helicopters which can carry a full squad at time and these helicopters can be taken down with Rocket Launchers, so get ready for this amazing mode.

pubg mobile 0.15 update

Rocket launchers can be found on map as we find any other gun in pubg mobile normal match.
There will be helipads from where you can find helicopter and fly them. As from some YouTube videos of payload mode, as a PUBG fan I am thinking that this mode is going to best arcade mode.

There will be guided missiles called M3E1, which allows players to locate the target and fire. I will talk about it later in this post.

New Map For Team Death match ( TDM ) Mode

This not yet officially confirmed but from the chinese version of pubg mobile we can say that the map called "Aztec Temple Map" can be soon part of pubg mobile.
TDM Mode is favorite mode of many players for now it has only one map which is called "Warehouse" , but the new map Aztec follows the shanhok style, It is like ruins with lots of green vines and old time temples which can be found in shanhok .

Now lets talk about some New Weapons we will be having in the new update 0.15.0

New Weapons in pubg 0.15.0 update

There are a lots of new weapons going to be added in the new version, as from 0.15.0 beta version it is confirmed that payload mode will featuring rocket launchers these heavy weapons are too going to be a part of pubg mobile.
  • Rocket Launcher RPG7 - The rocket launcher we are talking about will be named RPG 7 and will have the ability to take down the helicopters, this rpg7 will use mm ammo. This will not be guided missile launcher so you have to aim on your own. Aim the helicopter is not this much easy.
    pubg mobile rpg 7
  • M3E1 A Recoilless Rifle - M3E1 is an anti-tank weapon and can take down a helicopter easily, this will be guided missile launcher, with the help of this heavy weapon you can just blast the whole helicopter in once.
    pubg m3e1 launchers
  • M79 Grenade Launcher - PUBG Mobile introducing the M79 single shot grenade launcher, It is a shoulder fire weapon. It can take down whole squad if they are in one room, it is faster then the normal grenade.
  • Desert Eagle or Deagle - This new gun is officially confirmed by the pubg mobile, Desert Eagle will use .45 ACP rounds and hit damage will be 62 on head without any helmet. Deagle can be occupied with attachments - Red Dot Sight and Holographic sight, Grip and Magazine - Extended and Quick draw.
pubg deagle pistol

New BRDM vehicle comes to pubg mobile with 0.15.0 update

As we all waiting this for tank vehicle, BRDM 2 vehicle will be replacing Armed UAZ, and now when you will fire a flare outside of safe zone you will receive this BRDM tank.
It can run on both on land and on water so it will also work as boat and crossing bridge can be a lot more easier if you have this brdm 2 tank.

pubg brdm tank

New Features in PUBG Mobile New Update (officially confirmed)

  • Ledge Grab - These new feature is most wanted features by many pubg players because it happens with a lot of players that they fire flare gun or normal air drop lands on the roof and we have no way to climb up there and got the drop. But now after this ledge grab feature will be added in 0.15.0 update player will be able to grab the ledge and can climb the building. Now we can explore the places that we can never reached before.
pubg ledge grab

  • Gas cans will now blast - Another amazing feature in new update, from this update gascans will blast so we can set a trap for the enemies. The fuel drums will exploed after getting damage from firearms and throwables and will damage to the near by enemies.
pubg gas can blast

PUBG Mobile X Walking Dead : Get Free Skins and Amazing rewards

PUBG mobile is collaborating with walking dead, the waling dead board game can be played from 30 September to October 20.

pubg x walking dead

How to win Darly Dixon Motorcycle Skin

To win Darly Dixon Motorcycle permanent skin you have complete normal missions like log in and kill 3 enemies and kill 5 enemies in one classic match, survive for 30 min in classic mode and in return you will get gas cans which will be used in board game from which you can motorcycle skin for free.

pubg darly dixon motorcycle

My thoughts on new update
I am guessing that the pubg mobile new update is going to be an absolute blast, it will providing a new game mode with many new weapons and vehicles and many gameplay changing features so stay tuned and get the latest update leaks from me. Enjoy PUBG Mobile.

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