How To Install PUBG Mobile In Gameloop Without Downloading It

If you are playing PUBG Mobile on mobile and want to play it on pc then this post will help you to install Pubg Mobile in gameloop without downloading it again.

Yes you can install the pubg mobile from mobile to pc without wasting any mobile data.

PUBG emulator has its own benefits, you get bigger screen and mouse for easy aiming, in comparison with playing pubg on emulator has a lot more fun then playing on mobile. Only one disadvantage is that it sometimes cross matches you with mobile players and you have to play against mobile players which is totally wrong because it is not a fair play.

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So to install pubg mobile on emulator you have to follow these steps.

Requirements to install pubg mobile on emulator without downloading 

  • Laptop or PC with minimum 4GB Ram and i3 Processor.
  • Latest version of pubg mobile installed in mobile or the data file downloaded form any other site with latest apk.
  • USB cable to transfer game from mobile to pc.
  • Read each step carefully 
  • follow what is written, it is an easy process but if you don't follow what is written and something went wrong I will not be responsible for anything. So please read carefully.

How to install PUBG Mobile on gameloop without downloading it again

  • First download the game loop emulator from this website which is 10MB in size - Download Game Loop.
  • After downloading it, install it, go to my games and let the engine download (in bottom there will be a progress bar showing) . It will download 350MB ~ 400MB.
  • After successful installation of  engine it will start downloading pubg mobile, so stop that because we will use the previously installed pubg mobile.
  • Now exit from this gameloop window.
  • There will be gameloop icon in tray, right click on that icon and quit.
  • Now search for a folder name program files in directory other than C: (if there is no other directory than it will be in C:) and open it.
  • in that folder open there will a folder named "txgameassistant" open that and now open "ui" folder.
  • In that folder you will find an AndroidEmulator.exe file open that file.
program files > txgameassistant > ui > AndroidEmulator.exe  
install pubg gameloop

install pubg mobile in pc
  • Now the emulator will start and when it is load to 100% you have to press F9 ( in laptops press fn with f9 key, you can find fn key on left side of space bar).
  • now open "browser" download es file explorer and install it.

install pubg mobile gameloop emulator

  • Search Es File Explorer and download and install it
  • After installing es file explorer give it root permission as shown in image. 
es file explorer root permission

Copying the pubg mobile into pc from mobile

  • If you have latest version of pubg mobile than, open you file explorer in mobile, go to Android Folder and then go to obb folder, go to com.tencent.ig and copy the file in this folder it will be named as copy this file and paste it in you computer or laptop.
       Android > obb > com.tencent.ig > 
  •  And now you need the latest apk there are three ways to do it,
    1. you can download it from apk websites (download latest apk older version will not work)
    2. if you use es file explorer in mobile than you can use this method - extract apk with ex file explorer copy that apk file into pc
    3. or using Xender file share you can copy the apk from mobile to pc, you can watch YouTube video for this topic.
  • Now find a folder name "Temp" in the same directory where you find "program files" if not in the same directory than find in other.
  •  Now open these as shown  Temp > TxGameDownload > MobileGamePCShared
gameloop paste game
  • paste both apk and obb file in that directory.

Installing pubg mobile on game loop without downloading

  • Open the es explorer in gameloop and go to  Local > Device >  Data > Share1

install pubg without downloading

game loop emulator

pubg on emulaotr

  • Install apk from there and after successful installation copy the main.xxxxx.tencent file and paste it in Android > obb > com.tencet.ig folder 

  • if there is no folder like that create a new folder with name "com.tencent.ig" and paste the file in it. and if copy fails there is a retry button click on that it will copy successfully.
  • Now open the game it will ask you storage permission an it will run and you will enjoy.
I hope after following these steps you can easily download pubg mobile without wasting you data.

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