How To Install Call Of Duty Mobile On Pc Using Emulator

Call of Duty Mobile has released now and I am so amazed by the performance of these game. I was playing PUBG Mobile for a while and after the release of COD Mobile I think that this game should surpass the pubg craze because it is so amazing.

call of duty mobile
Sours - Call Of Duty Official Website

You can play this game on you mobile it has normal requirements and for more details you can read this post - Call Of Duty Mobile Details

You can download the game directly from the Play Store if you are an android guy or App Store is you have an iOS device. 

Now for those FPS gamers who don't like the small screen and uses keyboard and mouse to play games which I think have more fun than playing on mobile, yeah it kind of sound weird that we don't like playing a mobile game on mobile but it gives me more fun using keyboard and mouse.

Now to play call of duty mobile on pc, I have bring you this complete guide that will tell you how to install cod mobile on pc or laptop step by step.

Best Emulators Available To Play Call Of Duty Mobile On PC

There are several emulators available to play any android game on pc or laptop. Here I have bring you some of the best emulator available in market.
  1. Gameloop aka Tencent Gaming Buddy
  2. Nox Player
  3. Memu Emulator
  4. Blue Stacks
In above mentioned emulator Game Loop aka TGB is official emulator for released by Tencent, from which you can also play PUBG Mobile on pc.

I prefer using official emulator because it comes with best key mapping for the games so we don't have to do it individually. So in this post I will guide you on how to download and install cod mobile using gameloop or tencent gaming buddy.

How to install call of duty mobile on pc using gameloop

Follow these steps so you can download and install it without any error.

  • Visit this website and download the Gameloop Emulator - Download Gameloop Emulator . There are many other websites that are offering gameloop but some of them are cracked and some only supports the chinese language.
    install call of duty on pc emulator
  • This emulator setup will be 10MB in size.
  • After downloading open this setup and install.
  • After downloading it will download the AOW Turbo engine which is the emulator
  • This engine will be around 350-400 MB in size so make.
  • Now go into game center as shown in image you search call of duty on the search bar and then it will show this page as shown in the second image.
    download gameloop cod

    install call of duty on pc
  • Just click install and then it will download the game to 100% which will cost you 1.2GB of your data.
  • After downloading the game there will be option showing play then you can easily start the game from there.
    play cod mobile on pc or laptop
Now when the game is successfully installed, start the game. This game at this time only allow to option to join the game that are Guest and Facebook.

Call Of Duty Pro and Cons

Pros of Call of Duty Mobile

  • Fast Gameplay
  • 5+ multiplayer modes - Call of duty mobile multiplayer modes
    • Frontline
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Search and Destroy
    • Domination
    • vs A.I to practice
  • Advance weapons  - guns with thermal detection i don't know the exact phrase for this.
  • Helicopters and Rope Sliding
  • Multiple Maps
    • Standoff
    • Crash
    • Nuketown
    • Hijacked
    • Killhouse
  • Classes in cod mobile
    • Scout
    • Macanic
    • Medic
    • Ninja 
    • Clown
    • Defender 
  • Airstrikes in multiplayer modes

Cons of  COD Mobile 

  • Only one map for battle royale - "ISOLATED", I hope they will add some new map soon.
  • Multiplayer Modes are First Person Only - (I prefer plying fpp but there are many player who only play tpp)
  • No zombie mode - they are planing to add it soon I heard.
Hope you liked this post and get what you needed, I will bring you one another post which will explain everything about the game like season rewards , battle pass, classes, best guns best looting location and many other that I can't tell in this one.

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  1. When I start the game it shows a message saying that I don't have the minimum requirements. Why does it happen?

    1. What are your system configurations?

    2. processor: intel core i3
      RAM: 8gb
      64 bits

    3. I too have the same configuration and it runs smoothly. Stay connected, I will bring you the solution as soon as possible.

      just check this
      check virtualization is enabled in bios or not, if it is not enabled than enable it.