Call Of Duty Mobile: Best Loadouts, Free Skins, Offer ending soon

Call of Duty Mobile is attracting so many players from all around the world because of its modern weapons, fast gameplay, high quality graphics, maps, game modes like frontline, team deathmatch, search and destroy and many other features that other battle royale gameplay don't provide you.

But if you are not a regular gamer and having some problems to understand how to play this game like pro, so this post will help you to do this, like I will share my best loadouts and maps and offers that are currently available from which you can get free skins and many in game items that you will never get in future for free.

COD Mobile : What is loadout ?  

This question is asked by many players playing call of duty mobile, that what is a loadout?
If you are playing cod mobile that you know that there are 2 main game modes first is multiplayer mode and second is battle royale, the loadouts works in multiplayer modes.

Loadout - In multiplayer modes of cod mobile like frontline, team deathmatch, search and destroy and domination players are allowed only one primary weapon and other equipments like grenades, knife or pistol and perks, so loadout are prefixed combinations of these so  that you can enter in a game without selecting them every time. you can edit these combinations as you like as m4 with knife and grenade etc.

Best Loadouts for Call of Duty Mobile Frontline

There are 5 slots for loadouts like a player can have 5 different loadouts ready for game and they unlock as you level up. Here I am sharing my two personal favorite loadouts for frontline game.
  • First Loadout is best for close encounters and mid-range combat - 
    • Primary Weapon - M4 + Holographic sight + FMJ AR + Stock AR + Extended Mag
    • Secondary Weapon -  Knife if you haven't unlocked SMRS or FHJ 18 (these weapons wll be unlocked as you level up)
    • Operator Skill - War Machine ( kind of grenade launcher good if you have low ammo and enemies are far and in group), this skill is only for limited time in game.
    • Lethal - Grenade.
    • Perks 1 - Vulture ( with the help of this perk you can pick ammo from the kills so you never ran out of ammo)
    • Perk 2 - Lightweight  (this helps you to move faster as an assaulter )
    • Perk 3 - Dead silence -(this will reduce your footsteps noise so it will be hard for enemies to get you location.)
cod best loadout

  • Second Loadout is suitable for long range (my friends who love snipers)
    • Primary Weapon - DL Q33 + FMJ-SR + Suppressor + Extended Mag
    • Secondary Weapon - Pistol MW11 if you haven't unlocked SMRS or FHJ 18 (these weapons will be unlocked as you level up)
    • Operator Skill - Purifier (throw flame , good for close range)
    • Lethal - Grenade 
    • Tactical - Flashbang
    • Perk 1 - Fast Recover (health recovery rate is increased by 35%)
    • Perk 2 - Toughness (Reduce player flinch by 60%, good when you aiming from sniper and being shot at the same time)
    • Perk 3 - Hardline (Increase points earn by killing enemies by 25%)
call of duty best loadouts

The operator skills are time limited they take time to refill after use so use wisely. You can edit these loadouts as you like after unlocking perks and new weapons and gun.

If you don't like the small screen of your phones and want to play call of duty on pc here is how you can play it on emulator explained in detail - How to install call of duty mobile on pc

Free Skins in Call of Duty Mobile

The game is offering so many free skins for guns and vehicles too, hurry up and get this before times ends. There are so many events going of from which you can win amazing skins and much more.

Lighting Up The World - Call of Duty Mobile giving away exciting skins for grenade , knife , wing suit and avatar frame ant final awards as I am guessing will be a gun skin. Don't let this golden opportunity ran away, grab these amazing skin.

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