Seaon 9 Royal Pass Rewards | S9 royal pass worth buying ?

PUBG Mobile Season 9 finally arrived today. PUBG players are so excited for the rewards of season 9 royale pass. but are the rewards good ? should you buy royale pass ?

pubg mobile season 9

As always PUBG Mobile Royale Pass comes in three versions
  1. Free
  2. Elite
  3. Elite Plus
Elite Pass costs 600UC which is equal to 10$ or 799 Rs ( INR ) and Elite Plus Pass costs 1800 UC which cost 25 ~ 28 $ and the free pass let you earn rewards till rank 60.

Free Royal Pass Rewards Season 9

Free pass does not offer you fancy rewards, the only reward from free royal pass I liked is Frost Ranger VSS skin. other than these all the rewards are worthless. In free royal pass s9 you get 
  1. Frost Ranger VSS skin on rank 60. 
  2. Have a drink emot
  3. Highland Gladiator Mask (white)
  4. Highland Gladiator Headpiece (White)
  5. 12 Supply crate coupon scrap which will make 1 supply crate
  6. 90 Silver fragments 
  7. 2 Rating Protection cards
  8. 3000 BP
  9. some BP and Experience Card  

Season 9 Elite Royal Pass Rewards

Now this elite pass have some great rewards like skins and outfit. let first talk about gun skins
  • Weapon Skins 

    1. Infected Grizzly M249 skin -  Rank 1 Rewards as soon as you buy elite pass you will have this infected grizzly m249 skin.
    2. Draconian Champion Machete - sword skin on rank 50
    3. Draconian Champion M16A4 Skin on rank 90  

    pubg mobile s9

    season 9 outfits

    m249 skins pubg

  • Outfits

    1. The Observer Set on rank 1
    2. The Observer Cover on rank 5
    3. La Tigre Suit
    4. La Tigre Mask
    5. La Tigre Set
    6. Draconian Champion Mask
    7. Draconian Champion Hat on rank 85
    8. Draconian Champion Set on rank 100.
    draconian champing pubg

    season 9 frame

  • Helmet Skin / Finish - On rank 80

    pubg helmet skin
  • Backpack Skin / Finish - On rank 25 

    pubg bag skin
  • Airplane Skin / Finish - On rank 40

  • Parachute Skin / Finish - On rank 40  

    pubg prachute skin
  • Season 9 Emotes - There are 2 emotes offered in season 9 elite royal pass.
    • Samurai Emote
    • Kick Emote 
  • Stronghold Protector Avatar Season 9

  • Stronghold Crate offers
    • Moon Bunny Backpack finish
    • Moon Bunny Helmet finish
    • Home on the moon SKS skin  

  • Sweet Victory MVP  

    sweet victory pubg
  • Infected Grizzly Dacia Skin 

    pubg dacia skin

Warrior's Treasure Crate 

For week 1 , week 3 , week 5, week 7 if you complete 10 mission in that week you will be given warrior's treasure crate , which contain sky hunter set, sky hunter goggles, sky hunter mask.

Does season 9 royale pass reward worth buying ?

If you reach rank 100 for a royal pass season then you will have your 600 UC back, from this uc you can buy royal pass again. Season 9 royal pass rewards are not that much attractive as from the past seasons. The have a drink emote is a complete waste and the Dacia finish looks the same as the blue Dacia not much difference.

But some outfits like draconian champion set are very good and attractive. I will say that season 9 royal pass is not a must buy royal pass, if you have uc from previous season than you can buy it but for the first time these are not good rewards.

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