Free Kar98 skin 😍😍 Pubg Mobile Season 9 Leaks,royal pass rewards

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 8 is going to end soon, and Tencent is ready with another great and exciting royal pass season 9 with new gun skins, parachute skins, UAZ or Dacia skin and much more excited stuff. In this post I will share pubg mobile season 9 leaks, form tier rewards, royal pass rewards, and major changes in pubg mobile 0.14.5 update. There will be a new battle royal gameplay experience after this 0.14.5 update.

PUBG Mobile season 9 what is new ???

pubg mobile season 9 leaks


It is always an exciting question and as always, Popular game tipster, Mr Ghost Gaming has leaked some images and new rewards for us form pubg mobile beta 0.14.5 update which will bring us royal pass season 9. This post contain leaks from Mr. Ghost Gaming , Calssified YT mainly.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 will be released on September 12 with 0.14.5 update.Let's get straight to the Season 9 tier rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Tier Rewards

  • Season 9 gold tier outfit - After the season 8 update, pubg mobile is giving the complete season outfit in gold tier. Continuing this pubg mobile season 9 will give us an exciting outfit on reaching gold tier. We have to play 5 matches (classic) in gold or above tier to get this outfit. Here are some leaked images of the season 9 outfit for reaching gold tier.


  • Season 9 Kar98 skin - One of the favorite sniper of every pubg player Kar98k, we will get this amazing kar98 skin after reaching Diamond Tier. We have to complete 5 matches in diamond tier to get this kar98 skin.
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season 9 kar98 skin 
  • Season 9 Ace Parachute Skin - When you will reach the ace tier, you will get these ace parachute to show off to your friends.

pubg mobile season 9 skin

After these Season 9 rewards which all players can get for free, here are some Royal Pass rewards which you can only get if you will buy pubg mobile royal pass season 9. Here are some exciting rewards from royal pass ranks.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 Royal Pass Rewards

  • Dacia Skin - In season 8 we have given Ocean Themed Open UAZ skin and now in season 9 we are getting dacia skin one which a bear or a shark is printed.

pubg mobile season 9 royal pass

  • Royal Pass Season 9 M16A4 Skin - We are getting this amazing dragon skin for M16A4. This is also a cool skin to show off. I always wanted M16A4 skin and now you can have two skin of M16A4 , one from the s9 elite royal pass and one form s8 purchase, if you spend 180UC then you can buy M16A4 skin in 180UC.

  • Royal Pass SKS Skin - In season 8 we got SLR Swamp Horror Skin and now we are getting another DMR SKS skin.

pubg mobile seaon 9 rewards

  • Royal Pass Season 9 UZI Skin - One of the favorite smg UZI getting another amazing skin form royal pass season 9.

pubg mobile season 9 leaks

These are the exiting rewards from the season 9 and now it is time to know what new features, mode, weapon is going to be added in pubg mobile 0.14.5 update.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Update : New Weapon, New Vehicle

  • MP5K SMG ( new vikendi weapon )- Another new weapon form PUBG PC is getting in pubg mobile. MP5K is a sub machine gun which uses 9mm ammo. This MP5K will only be available in vikendi map.

pubg mobile mp5k new smg

The MP5K ( new submachine gun)can be equipped with almost all the attachments available in PUBG Mobile,
    • Magazines – Extended Mag, Extended Quickdraw Mag and Quickdraw Mag (SMG).
    • Muzzles – Suppressor (SMG).
    • Foregrips– Angled Foregrip, Vertical Foregrip, Thumbgrip, Halfgrip, Laser Sight and Light Grip.
    • Sights/Scopes – Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, Canted Sight, 2x, 3x, 4x and 6x.
    • Stocks – Tactical Stock.

  • ZIMA Mini SUV - A new vikendi only vehicle is here. ZIMA  will replace UAZ in vikendi map. ZIMA is a 4 seat vehicle.

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zima pubg mobile vikendi

  • Canted Sight - The most awaited feature, with the use of canted sight you do not need to switch the scope if you are fighting in mid and close range at same time. Canted sight ease this because you can use  big scope like 3x , 6x on AR with another Red Dot or holo sight at the same time. It will not took too much time to change the scope and then again aim at enemy.

canted sight pubg mobile 0.14.5 update

  • DOG Companion - Earlier in pubg mobile we got an eagle companion and now we can get Dog companion. 

pubg mobile update 0.14.5



PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Update Big Changes

  • The damage of the AWM Sniper has been increased. Now a one body shot anything below a level 3 vest would result in a knockout. 
  • UMP9 will be renamed to UMP45 as it will no longer use the 9mm ammo, instead after the update the UMP45 will be using the .45ACP.
  • The magazine capacity of the UMP45 will be 25 and the extended capacity will be 35 rounds.
  • The P92 Pistol will support the Holographic sight apart from the Red dot sight.
  • The Vector SMG will no long use the .45ACP, instead will work with the 9mm rounds. The damage of the vector will also be reduced and the new default magazine capacity will be 19 and with an extended mag it will go up to 33 rounds.
  • Tactical Stock that can only be used with the Vector and M416 can now also be used with the M16A4 as well as the MK47 Mutant for a greater stability.
  • The Snow bike and Zima will replace the Motorbike and the UAZ in Vikendi respectively.
  • New animation has been added to the FPP Mode while running with any SMG.
  • Extreme Cold Mode in Vikendi might as well be as well be a thing after the PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Update.
PUBG Mobile never fails to surprise its fans and that's what make this game more addictive.Please comment and share this post and stay connected for more exciting news for pubg mobile till then Happy Gaming.

For more you can watch this video from Mr.Ghost Gaming


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