PUBG Mobile Payload mode | 0.15 Update on 13 September Confirmed ?

PUBG Mobile announces a new Payload mode, this is a new arcade mode alongside war mode, sniper training, quick match, mini zone. New payload mode will feature helicopters and rocket launchers in game.

Every time pubg mobile bring an update we think what will be next and this big announcement made all pubg player much more excited for the new update.

As PUBG Mobile on twitter called this mode absolute blast. We are hoping that this mode will make our battle ground experience much more better. The new arcade mode will introduce helicopters to its players and  players will now be able to fly helicopter in pubg. 

pubg mobile payload mode
Source- PUBG Mobile Twitter

New Arcade mode Payload

In 0.13.5 update pubg added stationary helicopters in random locations of maps, if you play pubg regular then you also have found one in pochinki, bootcamp or in paradise resort.  But now in pubg mobile 0.15 update helicopters will no longer stationary we can fly them in new arcade mode Payload mode.

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Helicopters in pubg mobile

Helicopters can carry a whole squad of 4 players, they can be found in game at helipads in game. The driver or pilot of the helicopter will be inside of the helicopter and the other three players will be on the doors so they can fire on enemies from there.

Rocket Launchers : How to destroy helicopter in pubg mobile

Now you will be wondering how to destroy helicopter, in answer to this question pubg have added new weapons called rocker launchers and grenade launchers and air strikes.
I am thinking that will players be able to fire rocket launchers from the helicopter , in this case players in helicopters can destroy anything hope this will be in the upcoming update. 

Rocket launcher comes with target locking, so we can lock helicopters as target.Air Strikes will destroy the small radius area and kill the enemies who are near it or beneath it.

Erangel 2.0 in 0.15 update ?

Many of pubg players waiting for erangel 2.0 from the day pubg mobile released the video of erangel 2.0. Will erangel 2.0 be a part of 0.15 update or they will add it later. We are so excited for the upcoming updates of pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile Season 9 with 0.14.5 update

Season 8 is going to end on September 12 and brand new season 9 with exciting rewards will be released on 13 September. The pubg mobile may be taken down for maintenance on 13 September.

Season 9 Royal Pass Rewards 

From the leaks we can say that pubg mobile season 9 will be based on chinese or dragon theme.
We shared some images of Dragon skin of M16A4 and dragon themed backpack. So the season 9 royal pass rewards are going to be so amazing.

As always pubg mobile royal pass for season 9 will come in two version first is elite pass which costs 600 UC and Elite Plus version which costs 1800 UC. Elite plus royal pass unlock the royal pass rewards to 25 rank. 

Watch this video of Mr. Ghost Gaming of helicopters in pubg mobile


Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts in comment. till the next news or update from pubg mobile enjoy pubg.

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