PUBG Mobile Landing Tips and Tricks | Fastest way to land in pubg

In earlier post I shared some tips and tricks for rank pushing, and in that post I told you to landing fast to your preferred location will give you an advantage over others. So in this post, I will share some tips and tricks on landing fast in pubg mobile. How to land first on the ground before other players. these PUBG Mobile landing tips and tricks will help you to get extra loot time. 

pubg mobile landing tips and trikcs
PUBG Mobile Landing Tips and Tricks

Fastest way to land in PUBG Mobile 

It does not matter you play in solo, duo or squad, it is always an advantage to land first, landing before other players will give you many advantage like you can choose the best spot of that location,
extra time to loot and many other advantages over you enemies.

To land early you should decide your landing location on spawn island, you can discuss with you teammate if you play duo or squad. 

How to pick the landing location which can have quality loot for you and your team, I will soon writing a new post on best location to land in Erangel Map so stay connected. 

Pubg Mobile can soon update erangel 2.0, take a look at what will be new in Erangel 2 or Erangel remastered

Tips and Tricks to land faster in pubg mobile

In PUBG Mobile you can go max 1600-1700 m on parachute so, In my opinion there are 3 types of landing situations
  1. When landing spot is in within 800m from plane path.
  2. more than 1000m and Under 1600m 
  3. the last, more than 1600m
When your landing spot is under 800 m  - To land perfectly when your landing spot is within 800 -1000 meter form plane path, you have to practice analyzing that your landing spot will be under 800 meter if it is not the you can be late for other options.

If your landing spot is under 800m then you have to jump between 750-830 meters, and move your character's head towards ground and move you character towards your marked location. If you done this correctly then your falling speed will be 234Km/h  as shown in fig.

pubg mobile fast landing trick
Landing with 234Km/H

When your landing location is more than 800 m but within  1600m from plane path -  In this situation you have to jump from plane when distance between you and landing spot is 1600m. For perfect landing move towards marked location with 126km/h this will land you perfectly.4

When distance is more than 1600m - In this case you have to follow method 2 or you can take vehicle to goto your desired location. In pubg mobile maps there are some fixed location where you always find vehicles so try to know the map you play, there are garages where you always find dacia or UAZ. So remember garage locations and spots where you had find vehicles earlier. 


Advance Landing Tips

  • Decide where you will land with team, this is most important.
  • Follow teammate and when your parachute opens up follow and land according to your suitable conditions.
  • Keep looking for nearby enemy teams,when you land to keep a track on there location too.
  • Always try to take high ground or big building first, high grounds are always good for early fights.
  • Share weapons if you find extra in early fights with your teammates.
  • Avoid places where many other players land if you are rank pushing. 
 Stay tuned for more exciting pubg related stuff, till then happy gaming.

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