5+ Free skins in pubg mobile | Kar98 Skin and M416 Skin for free

Weapon skins in pubg mobile are so attractive and every pubg player want those amazing skins to look cool and pro.Doesn't you want to be look like a pro in the game, when your enemies will see you with these amazing skins they will be feared.

free skins in pubg mobile

how to get free skins in pubg mobile ? this is the most asked question from pubg players. In this post I am sharing some tips and tricks from which you can get weapon finishes 100% free. From these tips and tricks you can get permanent skins for kar98 , M416 and many other guns.

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How to get free kar98 skin

Kar98 is favorite gun of many pubg players, every pubg player needs kar98 skin. You can get free kar98 skin from this tip fast and this skin will be permanent.

For this kar98 skin you have to complete a mission which is easy but takes time but I will share a trick to get this skin faster.

For this skin you have to complete an achievement called Sniper Mastery , to complete this achievement you have to kill 500 enemies in game with any of the sniper rifle and dmr available in pubg mobile. If you know this and you want to complete it faster than I have a trick for you.

Sniper Mastery tips and trick to complete it faster -  There is a arcade mode called "Sniper Training". As you can guess from the mode's name, this is same as classic match but only 40 players are allowed and only sniper rifle like kar98, m24, awm, mini 14 and other dmrs are allowed. 

So by playing this mode you can get this skin much faster than playing classic matches. Best things about this mode that if you get killed early there will be no ranking decrease.

The skin that you will get by completing this achievement

free kar98 skin pubg mobile
Desert Cameo - Kar98 Skin

Free M416 Skin in pubg mobile 

Another most used gun in pubg mobile,You have to complete Assault Mastery achievement to get this M416 skin.

You can play arcade mode "War" to complete this achievement. To complete this you have to kill 500 enemies in game with any assault rifle like AKM, M416, Scar-L. M16A4, M762 , Mk47, Groza , Aug A3. You can kill enemies with any of these rifle to get m416 permanent skin.

The skin you will get from this achievement is called -

free m416 skin in pubg
Desert Cameo M416 Skin

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Uzi Free Skin 

One of the best Sub Machine Gun ( SMG ) is Uzi, you can get this Uzi skin by completing the achievement called SMG Mastery.

Again you can compete this achievement by playing arcade mode. Where you don't need to worry about losing rank points.

To complete this you have to kill 500 enemies with smg like Vector, Thompson , UMP9 , UZI , PP19 Bizon.

UZI skin you will get is called

uiz free skin pubg mobile
UZI Free Skin

Shotgun Skin for free

By completing shotgun mastery you can get free Win94 skin and to complete this you have to kill 300 enemies in game using shotguns. There are 3 shotguns available in pubg mobile. S12K , S686, S1897.

Skin you will get by this achievement

win94 free skin
Win94 Skin in pubg mobile

Pistol Master - P92 Skin

When you kill 100 enemies with pistols you complete the pistol mastery, so as a reward to complete this achievement you get this P92 desert cameo skin.

p92 skin pubg mobile

Pan, free skin in pubg mobile

There in another achievement called Melee Mastery, in this you have to kill 100 enemies in game using melee weapons, like pan, sickle, machete,crowbar.
Pan skin you will get is 

nohunting pan skin pubg mobile

M249 Skin in pubg mobile

If you buy royale pass then only you can get this m249 skin, there is achievement called Perfectionist, when you buy royal pass for 3 season in a row you can get this Witherer M249 skin.

free witherer m249 skin
Free M249 Finish

Free Scar-L Skin 

Sandstorm Scarl free skin - 

Another free skin, you can get Sandstorm Scar-L skin for free, when you will have 50 permanent weapon finishes or skins.

sandstorm scarl skin

Gold Plates Scar-L Skin for free

This gold scarl skin you can get from silver fragments, Gold Scar-L Skin costs 1500 silver fragments. You can get silver fragments by dismantling extra outfits in inventory. If you don't know how to do this then comment I will write how to do this in next post.

scar-l gold skin

Pan Skins in exchange of silver fragments

You can get these pan skins from the redeem shop. It cost ~200 silver fragments for 7 days and 1200-1300 for permanent.

pubg mobile pan skinpubg mobile pan skin

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These all skins you can get 100 percent free in pubg mobile. I will be bring new updates as soon as I get them. Enjoy Pubg Mobile.

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