PUBG PC Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator | PUBG Lite vs Emulator

Today I am going to compare PUBG PC Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator, PUBG Lite is now available in many countries after its update on 8-8-2019.PUBG Lite is available in India now so Indian players can play pubg lite without VPN. PUBG Lite developers are trying their best to make the game with features combined of PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. After the success of pubg mobile many players started playing it on emulator using keyboard and mouse so tencent released their own emulator named Tencent Gaming Buddy which is now known as Game Loop.

PUBG PC Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator

Pubg PC Lite vs Pubg mobile on emulator
Pubg Lite vs Pubg Mobile Emulator


PUBG Lite vs Emulator 

Before starting the comparison you need to know what is PUBG Mobile emulator and what is PUBG PC Lite. So the main difference it that PUBG Mobile is made for mobiles and to play pubg mobile on PC we need a software which give us the platform to run android application on PC.

PUBG Mobile Emulator game loop is the software which give us the platform to run android application on a laptop or PC and on the other hand PUBG PC Lite is optimized version of PUBG PC for the PC or laptop with low specifications. You can buy PUBG PC from this link - PUBG PC ON STEAM. PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Lite both are free of cost you can download PUBG Mobile Emulator Game Loop from this link - PUBG Mobile Emulator and PUBG PC Lite from this Link - PUBG PC Lite Download


PUBG PC Lite vs PUBG Mobile Emulator

  • Graphics - The graphics of PUBG PC Lite are way better then PUBG Mobile, On emulator low-end PC player can only play with smooth graphics which lags too. but pubg PC lite is made for the PCs with low specification and allow to run the game in ULTRA HD settings.There are many graphics options available in PUBG Mobile like smooth, balanced, HD, HDR but low end laptop users can run the game only in smooth mode which is not good and with the lowest settings the game lag in emulator, on the other hand PUBG Lite can run on ultra setting in low end pc without lagging.Pubg Lite run without lag so it is better experience for the player. PUBG Mobile is made form smartphones so they are good for smartphones but not for emulator or pc.
    pubg pc lite vs pubg mobile emulator
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  • Gameplay - PUBG Lite gameplay is similar to PUBG PC, like no auto pick ups of guns and attachments, real physics and many things are similar to PUBG PC which is good,The gameplay of pubg mobile is easy in compare to PUBG Lite like gun and gears are auto picked by players and easy in comparison to pubg pc. When it comes to emulator we need to use mouse many times in game , so we have to press 'ctrl' which is frustrating because many time it lags when opened and closed inventory immediately. And many times the notification bar come out and game stuck and many time taskbar comes out and game freezes or you are not able to move. Again PUBG Lite wins the comparison.
  • Maps - In PUBG Lite only three maps Erangel, Miramar, Shanhok are available to play and you do not need to download them externally like PUBG Mobile. Only advantage of PUBG Mobile is that there are 4 maps available to play.

  • Royal Pass and Missions - Now after latest update on 8th August, PUBG Lite is in its 1st Season which allow players to buy pass and there are two variations of pass same as PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite pass is available to buy in Lite Coins.As there are daily missions in PUBG Mobile and also available in PUBG Lite.PUBG Mobile royal pass can be bought with google opinion rewards while PUBG Lite do not allow buying lite coins with google opinion rewards.

  • Sound - Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite are same in sound, not much difference in sound there are no extra sound of flies like in pubg pc.
  • Enemy Direction - Both PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile allow maps with fire or vehicle direction indication.PUBG PC is sound based game, where you have to find the enemy direction from the sound there is no indication of enemy in pubg pc, but in pubg pc lite and emulator there is map given the direction from where the shots are coming or vehicle icon from where the vehicle is coming.

  • Controls - Controls of both PUBG PC Lite and PUBG Mobile emulator are same, only problem with pubg emulator is that we have to press "ctrl" key every time we need to use mouse but  in pubg lite, we do not need to press "ctrl" key for this. In PUBG Lite cursor is only needed when interacting with items and at that time mouse cursor opens up automatically.

  • Skills- PUBG Lite gives you hard time in beginning and requires skills to play pubg lite on other hand pubg mobile on emulator is very easy to play. The guns recoil of pubg mobile on emulator is very easily controllable you do not need to do much efforts but in pubg lite require skills and practice to handle the recoil and to aim perfectly.In pubg mobile on emulator you can handle 6x m416 spray but it is very hard and require a lot of practice to handle 3x spay with m416.

  • Cheaters/ Hacks - Nowadays you will be facing hacker in every emulator game, (I don't like to call these cheaters 'hackers',because for being a hacker you need great knowledge of networking, game development and many more things and these cheater don't even know how to use them properly). There are lots of hacks available in market like 
    1. ESP Hack - which gives the locations of enemy and items.
    2. Magic Bullet - Your bullets will only hit enemy's head.
    3. High Jump - This hack allow you to jump high

  • Requirements - The requirements of both pubg mobile emulator and pubg lite are low but the pubg mobile on emulator lags while pubg lite does not lag. 

Issues with pubg mobile on emulator

pubg lite vs emulator
Emulator not rendering


  1. Ping - In pubg mobile on emulator ping can increase dramatically, because of system services and many other background services.
  2. Lag -  This is the well known fact that pubg mobile on emulator lags when enemy comes near and freeze or even crash sometimes.
  3. Not Rendering - It is also a common problem with low end emulator players that the buildings does not render and show the orange boxes when you land. It takes 20-30m seconds to render the buildings after landing sometime which is enough to get you killed.
  4. Taskbar / Notification bar - It happens many time that, when you are playing suddenly the taskbar opens up or the notification bar opens up when you accidentally swipe down it is so frustrating while in last circle or in the end.
  5. Problem with recording- Lags and frame rate drops when you record pubg mobile on emulator.

Benefits of PUBG Lite-

  1.  Less Lag - The game does not lag even in ultra graphics settings. 
  2. No Taskbar Opens up -  The game runs in full screen mode, you have to press windows button to open taskbar.
  3. Recording without lag - You can record your game without any problem or lag with XBOX game overlay.
  4. Go live with XBOX - You can broadcast  your game with XBOX without any problem.

Does playing pubg mobile emulator worth it???

My answer will always be a big fat NO. because playing pubg mobile on emulator is waste of time. You can not take part in pubg mobile competitions and also you are not improving your skills.If you are playing pubg mobile for fun then there is no problem but if you think yourself a gamer then it is completely wrong, because in competitions emulators are not allowed. Start playing pubg pc lite if you can't play pubg pc on you laptop.

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