PUBG Mobile Independence Day Challenge get free skins

15 August is celebrated as Independence day in India and pubg mobile bring the Independence challenge for Indian pubg players. Pubg Mobile Independence Day Challenge is live for Indian players and will end on 31 August.

Pubg Mobile Independence Day Challenge offers free gun skins, parachute skins, free outfits

Pubg Mobile Independence Day Challenge
Source - Pubg Mobile Independence Day Challenge

There are so many exiting rewards you can collect by completing the Independence Day Challenge like Free Scar-L skins, Free Parachute skin and free outfits but these are not permanent skins so you can only show off with these skin for fix time period.You can also collect coupons to get free premium crates. 

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There is freedom token  you can collect form different task and then you can exchange these with your desired reward. There are 5 types of challenges from which you can get these freedom token and rewards.

  1. Firepower - There are 14 Days with different challenges, when you complete these challenge you get free rewards like gun skins, BP , freedom token. There is The Skull Groza skin for 30 days in day 2 reward.
    • Make sure you read your personal challenge, I made that mistake and not got the reward.
  2. Login Reward - You will also receive the login rewards which are mostly freedom tokens and some BP for 14 days.
  3. Tier Dash - In this you will get the reward based on your tier. Rewards in these are freedom token and classic coupons.
  4. Clan Assembly - In this challenge you have to complete different mission with clan members to get  freedom tokens and rewards.

Rewards from Independence Day Challenges  

In exchange shop there are so many rewards like
  1. Skeleton Hand Executioner Suit for 30 Days in 1440 Freedom Tokens
  2. Skeleton Hand Parachute Skin for 30 Days in 960 Freedom tokens
  3. Skeleton Hand Executioner hat for 30 Days in 480 Freedom Tokens
  4. Thunderous Armor for 15 Days in 2880 freedom tokens
    Pubg Mobile Independence Day Challenge
    Source - From My Pubg Mobile Account
  5. Lightning Scar-L for 30days in 1200 freedom tokens
  6. Drifter UZI skin for 30 Days in 1200 freedom tokens
  7. Diffrent coupon scraps in 24 freedom tokens with 20 purchase Limit
  8. Advance Room Card in 200 freedom token 
Enjoy PUBG mobile new update 0.14 with the new infection mode if you wnat to know more about infection mode check our home page and stay connected with us for more pubg news, till new post happy gaming.

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