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Player Unknown's Battle Ground aka PUBG Mobile is a very popular battle royale game nowadays. Everyone, from a kid to uncle, every age group people are playing this game. As there are number of players in pubg mobile are high so it obvious competition to win a game is also high.
So I thought that a pubg mobile tips and tricks post will be good to help people win chicken dinners. These post is about how to rank push faster in pubg mobile. There are so many tips and tricks for pubg mobile but I am trying to bring new tricks that will improve your gameplay and get you free gun skins and outfit and also tips and tricks to win chicken dinner.

rank push in pubg mobile
Rank Push Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for rank pushing - 

If you want to reach ACE tier, I never reached conqueror tier so I will not be able to tell you how to get conqueror tier. But I hope my tips and tricks and your skill will get you to conqueror tier.


If you want to reach ace tier, you need to be skilled and you should have the minimum ability to survive in a 2 v 1 situation. If you can not do this just drop the plan to rank push, and work on your skills and then come back to rank push.

  • What minimum skills are required to rank push
  1. know how to control recoil
  2. can handle a 2v1 situation
If you are good with recoil control and can handle a 2v1 situation, then there are good chances of your to rank up faster. Because many time these situation occurs when your teammates are dead or if you are a solo player then 2 or more enemy just appears. Then you need to know how to handle these kind of situation and sometime, only your skills can get you out of these situations.

How to improve skills in pubg mobile ? 
There are many types of Arcade Mode available to play like

  1. War Mode
  2. Sniper Training
  3. Mini Match
  4. Quick Match
To improve you skills you can play these modes, war mode will help you to improve you aiming skills and handling 2v1 situations.
Sniper Training will improve your sniping skills.
Mini Match completes in 8 minuets, so it will help you to increase you reaction, decrease loot time and also help you to find best suitable next move quickly.
Quick match will give you only one type of weapon, so sometimes you will get SMG only, sometimes Snipers only and sometime only pans so it will let you know weapons in pubg mobile and help you to improve your skills. 
These modes does not affect you K/D ratio and any other stats so you don't have to worry if you die early.

pubg mobile rank push tips and tricks
PUBG Mobile Ranks


Now, you are skilled and know the guns in game very well. Now it is time to get good teammates or if you have good teammate then distribute role. In a pubg team, there are roles like

  1. Sniper
  2. Leader
  3. Medic
  4. Assaulter
As their name suggest which activity they do, The leader has to make moves like where to land, what to do next , where to go and all decision making stuff. So your leader should be cool minded and a fast thinker.

Gun Combination for teams

  1. Sniper - A sniper should have Kar98 / M24 / AWM with 8x or 6x as primary gun and sniper can keep an AR or Shotgun for the close fight.                             
  2. Leader - Best combination for team leader is AR like M416 or AKM with DMR like Mini 14 or SKS or Machine Guns like DP-28 or M249.
  3. Assaulter- Player should have AR (M416 or AKM) and DMR (MINI 14 or SKS) or both can be ARs.
  4. Medic - A medic's main role to keep health recovery items so he can use a AR / Shout gun with DMRs.
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Each players should have at least 2-3 smoke grenades , 2 Frag Grenades and 3 Drinks and 2 Painkiller with 1 First Aid and 3-5 bandages. Medic player can have 5 first aid and 5-7 drinks and 4-6 painkillers. Reviving team mate should be a medic's priority, if other players are not engaged it fight.


Now, you got skills and a great team. Now you need a good strategy to get you chicken dinner. There are mainly two strategy that worked for me.

  1. Going to high risk area and surviving with high kill count.Looting small building and surviving till end.
For the high risk area landing strategy, your team has to decide a permanent landing spot, by deciding a fix landing spot. You and your team mate will know each and everything about that area, like which is best location for these area from where you can spot everyone or can guess locations of enemy. You and your team need to know every tricks that a enemy can perform in your area and you should know a counter action for that action.

  • Tips to land at high risk area
    1.  Try to land fast as possible - 800M is the best distance to jump off. Just move your cursor towards land and move your character towards the marked location as shown in image
    2. .Try to avoid early fight - Don't just land at where another team is landing, early fights can cause a team swipe or loosing a team mate.
These high risk areas landing strategy can get you many kills and sometimes you can also get killed early. Not finding a gun early is the worst thing at these high risk areas. 

For the second strategy, looting small building cluster is easy and can get you rank faster but it is quite boring, you try to hide and not take fight will get your skill wasted. Sometimes you don't even get enough loot and just die that's the most frustrating thing happen in game, In this strategy you don't even need a good team, you just need to land where no one lands and just move with zone. 

After the updates, In rating calculations kills have higher importance so if you don't get any kills, you will only be getting 10 or 15 points for the whole match . If you land at high risk area and get 5-7 kills and survive for 15 minutes only you will get 20 to 30 points in ranking.

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These are the main factor matter to rank faster, there are many tips and tricks to improve your skills and gameplay which I will bring in next post. Like dos and don'ts , best gun for you , how to pick landing spot, how to handle 2v1 or 1vs 4 situations , tips for emulator players and much more till then Happy Gaming.

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