PUBG Mobile Helicopter, BRDM, Rocket Launcher, 0.15 Update

PUBG Mobile season 8 is in its 6th week and soon going to be end, So we can accept a fresh update with many new features and vehicles. Pubg Mobile surprises its players with new features in every update as update 0.14 completely changed the look of home screen of pubg mobile. Now again with update 0.15 tencent is ready to surprise us all. Pubg Mobile chinese version leaks show us that pubg mobile helicopter, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, BRDM-2 tank ( military vehicle  ), erangel 2.0 and new weapon DEAGLE or Desert Eagle pistol will be added in 0.15 update.There will be helicopter in pubg mobile it is so exciting for me.

PUBG Mobile : Helicopters, Erangel 2.0, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launcher, BRDM -2 Tank, Desert Eagle Pistol

Yes, you read it correctly, pubg mobile soon getting an update and we can get our beloved map erangel's remastered version with new helicopters, brdm tank and rocket launchers. Pubg Mobile new update is going to be full of surprises because from the leaks of chinese version of the update we can say that there are so many changes going to be added in pubg mobile next update.

Now let's take a look on what is going to be added and how will be the new pubg mobile helicopter gameplay experience ?

After the update battle royal gameplay experience is going to be change forever. Pubg Mobile will become a real battle ground after the update adds helicopters, tanks, rocket and grenade launchers. The pubg mobile maps will become the war ground which will make it more addictive then ever. 

What we can accept from the new update of pubg mobile global version?

  • Pubg Mobile Helicopters - As from many YouTube channels showing the new helicopter in chinese version,  The helicopters can carry a whole squad. The pilot player will sit inside the helicopter and the rest of the players will be on the doors so the can fire from there.Helicopter will give the team advantage of high ground and also help to reach the safe zone faster. If you just want a look of how the pubg mobile helicopters will look you can land in pochinki . and find the helicopter there, You can not drive the helicopter now, but you can take a look on how helicopter will going to be look like, after the new pubg mobile update.

pubg mobile helicopter
pubg mobile helicopter in pochinki

  • Erangel 2.0 - PUBG Mobile, released a new erangel trailer which show that the map is going to be changed and  many of the places will be changed and many changes in graphics of the games like textures, grass, colors and building types and so much more. PUBG Mobile season 9 will starts from 14-18 September and we accept the map with is update.

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  • BRDM-2 Vehicle - PUBG PC already have this BRDM-2 military vehicle and you can take look these vehicles on YouTube. they are like tanks which are bullet proof but they blast after 2 accurate rounds of m416 or akm. You can not fire from inside and the most surprising thing that BRDM 2 tanks can float and we can use them like armored boats. BRDM can run on both land and water will give advantage for bridge crossing .
pubgmobile brdm
Pubg Mobile BRDM

  •  DEAGLE Pistol - As from the chinese version of the game, pubg mobile is going to add a pistol with the damage that can penetrate a level 3 helmet, but I guess this is for testing purpose the real damage of the pistol will be low. The pistol will use 9mm ammo.

pubg mobile deagle

  •  Rocket Launcher in pubg mobile - We got helicopters and we got tanks, then there should be some kind of weapon that can blast these deadly vehicle with one shot. So the answer is that we are getting rocket launcher which can blast the helicopters, I am not sure about that this rocket launcher can blast brdm or not ?

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  • Grenade Launcher in pubg mobile - Grenade very effective throwable weapon which can kill a whole squad in one or give plenty of damage to them. But  when it comes to throwing a grenade it is very risky and not that accurate and also we can not throw it to long distance. So pubg mobile adding new grenade launchers, which can fire a grenade accurately and far so grenade will be going to more deadly after getting the grenade launcher.

  • Sliding and Ledge Grabbing - To improve the movement of the character, pubg mobile adding some new movements like sliding and ledge grab. This sliding movement give us some filmy scene where you can fire at enemies form going to one cover spot to another cover spot while sliding. In current version of pubg mobile when you jump from one roof to another roof or higher spot to another higher spot you fall down after touching the wall, but after adding the ledge grab, characters will be able to grab the edge and climb the roofs easily. There are less chances of this feature to be a part of 0.15 update.

  • Gas Can will now blast -  If you are playing game from a while and played different game, then you should now that in games the gas can / petrol drums blast when you fire at them. But pubg not added this feature but soon pubg mobile getting this feature where you can fire on gas can and it will blast.

  • Team Death Match / TDM in New Map -  If you have played pubg pc lite its TDM map is totally different from pubg mobile and soon pubg mobile is getting a new map for tdm which will be more bushy and more space to hide and play. There are very less chances of these map to be added in next update but I will keep an eye on this feature and as soon it will we adding I will let you know.

  • Airstrikes -  If you have heard of Battle Field - Firestorm game then you know that there are airstrikes, when you call or mark the place in map plane comes and drop bombs. This same feature pubg is going to be add in its update so stay connected with me to get latest news about pubg world. 

This is all for now, I will try to get latest news from pubg world as soon as I get them, till then stay connected.

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