Pubg Mobile Erangel 2.0 map update, release date everything you need to know

As we all know players unknown battle ground aka Pubg keep introducing new changes and update to make the player stay connected and never get bored from game play. Pubg developers recently changed the Erangel map in pubg pc and now they bringing this change to pubg mobile also.

Erangel 2.0 pubg mobile new update

Erangel 2.0 release date ???

What is new in erangel 2.0 ??? 

pubg mobile new map

Erangel is the first map of pubg mobile and now the developers thinks it is the time to give a  makeover to this map and give the users a new experience. So as from the leaks of the beta version of pubg mobile and PC map we can find out what things are going to be change and what are the new thing that gonna be added into our loved one erangel map.

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The video trailer from the PUBG MOBILE Official twitter, let take a look at this

From this video we can say that Yasnaya Polyana , Mylta Power, Prison, Military base and primorsk are going through major changes and the grass and textures of the game are going to more colorful. 

pubg mobile new map

There will be more and high grass which gives prone an advantage. (number of snakes are going to increase), According to the gameplay on Erangel 2.0 on PC, if the players are prone inside grasses, then it is nearly possible to find out those players unless they go near and encounter.

pubg mobile new map

There are some images on the internet i want to share with you which shows many changes in building and shed.

pubg mobile new map
Credit - Classified YT / SJR LIVE
There is a new image of the map form the YouTube Channel - Classified YT, that shows the map in now divided into 3 island and these island are connected with bridge,so now you will have more option to cross the bridge and difficult to choose the bridge for bridge camping.

pubg mobile new map
Credits- Classified YT / SJR Live
 Changes made in pubg erangel 2.0 are looking good I am looking forward for the changes. So mainly the look of the erangel is not going to be same anymore and If they change the map as shown in above image then we are getting a whole new map. Stay tuned with us for the new post Pubg Mobile Season 9 Leaks.

Pubg mobile erangel 2.0 update release date - as we know that pubg mobile one season lasts 2 months and the season 8 will ends on September 14-15 so we can except the earngel 2.0 lands with this update 0.14. but the beta version of 0.14 is now released and we have no erangel 2.0 in that so it must be 0.15 which will be out in mid October. from now its two months of wait for the new erangle 2.0 map and the new experience till then happy gaming.

Tip- Pick at least 3-5 smoke grenades, because they are very useful when you entering the zone or pushing into building from open so the enemy can't see where exact you are and you get time to throw grenade and Molotov for advantage.

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