Learn how to play pubg like pro | Learn form top streamers

Pubg mobile is a very popular game of nowadays. Player's Unknown Battle Ground was released in march 2017 and the mobile version of the game was released in February 2018. Currently pubg mobile is in its 8th season. Many of the player stream this game and many of us watches. If you want to play pubg mobile like pro you have to learn from pros. So I have found some great players of this game from whom we can learn from and become good players.

pubg mobile streamers

Best Pubg PC streamers

  • SHROUD ( GOD OF PUBG) - If you played pubg or seen you should have heard his name. He is best at this game therefore he is known as pubg god. Shroud is a twitch streamer and CS-GO player. You should watch his videos available on YouTube to learn. Shroud's aim is so good that if you put him in a 1 v 4 situation he can just flick those enemies. you can watch his steam at - Shroud Stream Thing to learn from shroud   
    • chocoTaco - Another great player of these game you can watch his stream at chocoTaco Twitch  . Every best player has these things common like Their aim and they stay calm when the saw enemy and during the fight they stay focused
    • Some other pubg streamer - 
    1. Just9n 
    2. Chad
    Indian Pubg PC Streamers -

    Best Pubg Mobile Streamers

    All the above streamers are my personal favorite , I am not doing any type of comparison between any of these or any other not mention players. If you like any other streamer please let me know in the comments section

    There are some greate emulator player also who stream and they are best at it.
    • Dynamo Gaming - Patt se headshot
    • Alpha Clasher -
    • Gareebooo
    • kronten gaming
    • Hind Gaming
    • Ron Gaming
    These all are great players and streamer. Now what to learn form them
    1.  Aim - This is the main factor in any shooting game so you have to master aiming.
    2. Stay Calm - Never hurry, stay calm and do the things that situation demands.
    3. Never repeat any mistake - If you make mistakes (everyone make) learn from them and try not to do them again.
    4. Learn strategies- as you play you will learn how to rush and how to handle a rush so learn these strategies by watching how these streamers do.
    5. Know what you do best or which type of player you are you like rushing and assaulting or you like low profile and sniping.
    6. Play arcade mode to master skills because there is no worry of dying.
    If you play pubg mobile for fun then playing emulator is good but if you want to play tournaments and let your mobile gaming skill further then do not play in emulator. Because everyone nowadays using hacks. So playing emulator doesn't worth your time and will not help you with mobile gaming career.

    Like and Comment to what you want to know about pubg mobile or pc. Happy gaming.

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