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Pubg Mobile is in its 8th season which is based on ocean theme and with the release of update 0.14 pubg added new event called Treasure of the seven seas, this is kind of treasure hunt event where we have to find compasses and in exchange of them we will get different rewards.How to find golden compass in pubg is the question is in trending now so before answering it let me tell you what is all these compass and what will you get it if you find any of these.

How to find golden compass in pubg mobile

how to find golden compass in pubg
How to find golden compass

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So first before finding golden compass,let me tell you what are these compasses and what will you get if you find these.PUBG Mobile added treasure of the seven seas in the update 0.14 and the update bring so many new achievements and rewards you can get free M24 skins find out how by reading this post - How to get free M24 skin in pubg mobile

Pubg Mobile treasure hunt is the event called "The Voyage : Rich Rewards" in this event you have to find compasses and in exchange of these compasses you will get rewards like permanent skins of vector and time limited outfits and much more.
There are three types of compasses 
  1. Golden - Very Rare
  2. Sliver - Rare
  3. Bronze - Easily found 

Reward in exchange for the compasses

  1. 6 golden compass will get you a permanent silver plate vector skin.
  2. 30 Silver compass will get you  Piglet Set for 10 days.
  3. 20 Silver compass will get you Hooligan Set for 10 days
  4. And from bronze compass you can get crates coupon.

Where to find golden compass

Now as we know that permanent skin are very rare, you need to be super lucky to get permanent skin from the crate or you have to complete achievements to get skin, but from this treasure hunt you can easily get a permanent vector skin. For the 6 golden compasses you have to loot each every place.
So there are top 8 secret place where you can get golden compass, these secret locations are the excavate points which are added to the map previously, you will sure find a compass but it depends on you luck which type of compass you get.So these top 8 excavate location are
  1. Novorepnoye Hill - You can find the excavate point right under the radio tower on the novo hill.
  2. Rozhok Hill - Near the radio tower or watch tower you can find an excavate point, you can get level 3 items too.
  3. Prison - Near the watch tower you can find an excavate point on the upper side of the prison.
  4. Mylta Power -  Inside the power plants near the tree you can find one excavate point to get golden compass.
  5. Ferry Pier - On the island near the watch tower you can find this to get golden compass. 
  6. Stalber - Near the watch tower or tree you can find the point to excavate.
  7. Shooting Range - Near the underground bunker there is a tree, you can find golden compass there.
  8. Near Crashed Plane In Shooting Range -Another location to excavate is also present near the crashed or ruined plane on the upper side of Shooting Range.
Best thing from these treasure hunt is that pubg mobile has activated the tier protection for the hunt so you can use it to rank push also. No points will be deducted if you die early, to make sure that tier protection is on look at the start button if there is written tier protection then it is on otherwise play safe.

The golden compass finding is like crate opening, you will or will not find golden compass is based on your luck.Look for golden compass and get free vector skin. Happy Gaming.

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