How to download pubg lite | pubg lite vs pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile's team death match is a exciting mode and now it is also available in PUBG Lite now pubg lite is playable in India without VPN. In this post I will tell you how to download pubg lite and install it without any error and what are the main differences in pubg mobile and pubg lite.

How to download pubg lite and play TDM

how to download pubg lite
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To download pubg lite you have to visit pubg lite official open beta website from this link - Download PUBG Lite. From the download button you can download the game launcher setup which is around 60MB ~ 65MB, after downloading, simply install it like any other software you install.
Now you have to create a pubg global account or you can simply create an account with Facebook, this will not effect if you have PUBG Mobile account linked with Facebook, the global account is totally different.

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After successful installation of launcher and creation of account you need to download the game files, PUBG Lite is around 2.5 GB in size, you can pause or exit the software and resume from where you pause the download so it is pause and resume supported game installer.

After downloading simply adjust your sensitivity in settings, you can use training mode for this which is similar to pubg mobile to adjust you settings. All three Erangel, Miramar, Shanhok maps are pre downloaded you do not need to download them separately.

Pubg Lite vs Pubg Mobile main difference

  1. Graphics - Pubg Lite graphics are way better then pubg mobile,even low graphics in pubg lite is better than pubg mobile medium graphics. Pubg Mobile is for smartphones so we can not except too high graphics from this. Pubg mobile does not have extra walls and items like pubg lite looks like real. There are extra walls, boxes and many more as shown in image.
  2. Controls - Pubg mobile, a normal player plays it with 3 or 4 finger claw but in pubg lite you have the whole keyboard and mouse to use so it is pretty simple.
  3. Recoil - The recoil of guns in pubg mobile is nothing in front of pubg lite if you can control an M416 100m spray easily I bet you can't even control UMP9 50m spray in pubg lite.
  4. Enemy Direction - The PUBG PC is sound base you have to find where the enemy from the sound direction but in pubg lite they have given us the direction of enemy same as pubg mobile,because pubg lite is mainly focused on low end spec and non professional gamer who can not spent too much on gaming accessories.
  5. Lag - Pubg mobile lags when enemy comes near you and very hard to handle the situation and if you are a low spec's PC emulator player then you know how pubg mobile freezes and sometime even game crashes but in Pubg lite this does not happens because emulator use virtualization.
  6. Physics - Pubg Mobile do not have real physics but in pubg lite the physics are real, you can feel this in game, because when you start running in pubg mobile player directly start running but in pubg lite player slowly starts running and then speed up and as well as when stopping, player does not stops just after you press 's' or stop running.When under attack you can feel real physics.
  7. Rewards -  The pubg mobile is stable therefore there are so many skins and outfits and each royal pass contain so many rewards but pubg lite is in beta version so the skins and outfits are not that much but you can get many skins for free or just for some BP.
Team Death Match -  Pubg Mobile Evo Ground has team death match mode which is a 4v4 mode and you get 1 point for every kill the same mode is introduced in pubg lite.

Why emulator play should start playing pubg lite

In my opinion emulator players should start playing pubg lite because as soon as pubg lite become stable and released there will be prized tournaments so you can take part in them if you start playing pubg lite you will have advantage in future so hurry up. And a main factor that you are realizing that on emulator in every second match you face a hacker and he kills you easily and you be like, what happened? number of hacker on emulator are high and increasing so stop playing emulator and start playing pubg lite.

That all for now I will try to bring the latest news for pubg mobile as soon as I get it stay connected. 
Enjoy the game till then happy gaming.

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