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Pubg Mobile best guns to get chicken dinner Part -1

I heard players asking which guns should I use?

What is the best gun in pubg mobile?

What is the best gun combination on PUBG?

Is M416 the best gun in PUBG and PUBG Mobile?

All questions will be answered here. I will talk about every type of gun like an assault rifle, sniper rifle, submachine gun long-range guns, mid-range guns, short-range guns, low recoil guns, close-range combat weapons, air drop weapons. I will talk about everything like which gun with what attachment and recoil time and reload time and rate of fire etc. So let's get started.

So mainly these are types of weapons in pubg mobile

  • Assault Rifles ( AR ) - good for the close combat and mid-range fight.
  • Sniper Rifles ( SR ) - good for long-range fights (one shot is enough for level 2 helmet and level 1 helmet)
  • Submachine Guns ( SMG ) - close combat and short-range weapon
  • Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) - good for Mid and Long-range
  • Machine guns - good for close and mid-range.
  • Shotgun - good for close combat
  • Pistols and Melee weapons are good for a close fight.
now let's get in detail of these rifles.

Assault Rifles aka AR - Assualt rifles are good in close quarters and mid-range flights. There are 10 numbers of AR in a pubg mobile. An Assualt rifle can be occupied with 3-5 attachments. They can occupy red dot, holo and 2x to 6x scope. First, let's talk about guns in the game
  1. M416 - This is probably the most used gun and most favorite gun of pubg players. Single-shot damage of M416 on an enemy's head without a helmet and in a 50-100 meter range is 101 HP and take 1 shot to kill. On another hand, an enemy with level 3 helmet in range of 50-100 m will get 45 Hp damage and require 3 headshots to get the kill or knock down the enemy. Range of m416 is 100-400 meter and comes with firing mode -Single, full Auto Burst Shots. Uses 5.56 Ammo.
    pubg mobile guns
  2. AKM - This is a deadly weapon for your enemies only if you learn to control its recoil. The recoil of this gun is a bit higher than any AR in-game. Higher recoil means high damage. The single-shot damage of AKM on level 3 helmet is 51 and only requires 2 headshots to kill the enemy. It uses the 7.76mm ammo and comes with single and auto firing mode. Only two attachment is available for this gun.
    pubg mobile guns
  3. Beryl M762 - This gun uses 7.76mm ammo and comes with 3 firing modes single, auto and burst.
  4. SCAR-L - It uses 5.56mm ammo and the single-shot damage on an enemy without a helmet is 43. It comes with single and auto firing mode.
    pubg mobile guns
  5. M16A4 - it comes with Single and Burst firing mode and gives 43 hp damage in a single shot.
    pubg mobile guns
These guns are found in the normal loot, I will talk about airdrop guns separately. I am only talking about mostly used guns in games, not every gun which is available in the map.

Sniper Rifles - Mostly used for long and mid-range combat but players like to use sr in close fights because it's one headshot is enough to kill on a first or second level helmet. Three are only three of these sniper rifles. Sniper rifle can occupy 8x scope.
  1. Kar98K - full form of Kar98k is karabiner 98 Kruz. It delt 75hp damage to a player in a single shot. It uses 7.76mm ammo and the time between two shots is 1.9second. It's reloading method is one by one so it takes to reload the gun.
    pubg mobile guns
  2. M24 - Single-shot damage is 79 hp and time between two shots is 1.8 second. It uses a magazine to reload so the reloading time is lesser then kar98k. Only level 3 helmet has the stopping power for these two guns.
    pubg mobile guns
  3. AWM - Full form of AWM is Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum.The only gun in the game which can penetrate a level 3 helmet in one shot. The most powerful gun of pubg mobile. AWM has the highest damage in the pubg mobile.
    pubg mobile guns
Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) - Marksman rifles are like the combo of AR and SR. AR is used to spray and SR are used for single shot, but marksman rifle can do both not spray like an AR but pretty good. They work well in both the mid and short-range. There is 4 dm rifle available in pubg mobile. They can be occupied with 8x.
  1. Mini 14 - Uses 5.56mm ammo and damage of single shot is 46 and comes with semi-auto firing mode.
  2. SKS - Uses 7.76mm ammo and damage of the single shot is 54 and comes with semi-auto firing mode.
  3. SLR - Uses 7.76mm ammo and damage of the single shot is 58 and comes with semi-auto firing mode.
  4. QBU -Uses 5.56mm ammo and damage of single shot is 48 and comes with semi-auto firing mode.
Rest guns will be talked in the next post. take a look at How to get a free royal pass for pubg mobile season.

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