Nintendo Switch Lite, Price, Launch Date | Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite

As Nintendo of America tweeted that the Nintendo switch lite will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller and cheaper version of its popular console for handheld use.

The original Nintendo switch which costs 300$ can be played on a TV or on the go but the Nintendo switch lite will only for the mobile play.
This is the tweet from Nintendo of America

The Nintendo switch lite is compact and easy to play games on the go. The Nintendo Switch Lite will cost 200$. The Nintendo Switch lite will be available from Sept. 20 and  It comes with the non-removable controller. It is thinner and lightweight which makes gaming easy and fun on the go.

Nintendo Switch Lite Specification -
Display - 5.5 Inches
Controller - Non-Removable
Games - Every Switch Games
Switch - No (Handheld Only)
Resolution - 720p
Tv Output - Not Available
Price- 200$
Colors - Yellow, Turquoise and grey, along with a Pokémon version.

Conclusion -
The Nintendo Switch Lite will be lightweight and handheld only gaming console with a 5.5inch display and 720p resolution. The Nintendo switch lite colors are yellow, Turquoise, Gray with a pokemon version. The price of the Nintendo switch lite is 200$. The Nintendo switch lite comes with a non-removable controller. The switch lite has no tv output.
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