How to record pubg mobile in emulator low spec laptop

Are you a pubg player and want to stream but cant not do because of low internet speed or low spec pc and graphics problem. And now you thought to make your game clips and upload it to youtube. Then this post will tell you how to capture or record pubg mobile in pc. 

There are several methods to do that

Methid 1. XBOX Game Bar 

Windows 10 comes with the Xbox app which allows you to record any game like Pubg mobile or call of duty etc. This app is light and does not affect the game while you play on low-end pc.

 How to record game on Xbox -  

To record first you have to check whether the Xbox game bar is enabled or not. To check this you have to follow these steps
  1. Open Windows 10 Settings

  2. Click on option gaming
  3. Enable  - record game clips, screenshot, and broadcast using game bar.

Xbox game bar will automatically open up when a fullscreen app is opened or you can open it with shortcut key

shortcut key to open Xbox game bar -  Win + G

There is buttons for recording and pausing and screenshot if you don't want to record the whole game.

 Method 2 - OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another great software which is mainly used by the streamers. You can download it from this link - download obs studio
 You can see an option saying Start recording and Stop recording. but I will not prefer using obs studio just for recording the game because it is heavy for low end pc and will affect your gameplay. 

These two methods are my preferred method and I only suggest these two because these are free and easy to use
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