Pubg Free Royal Pass | How to get free royal pass pubg | Pubg Season 8 Free Royal Pass

Every pubg mobile player wants an attractive weapon, helmet, vehicle, parachute skins. The one way to get these Royal Pass. The pubg mobile royal pass is full of attractive skins and rewards. The Pubg Mobile Season 7 will end on 14th of July and the pubg mobile season 8 will be released soon. The pubg mobile season 8 comes with exciting rewards. You can check the pubg mobile season 8 leaked rewards here - PUBG MOBILE SEASON 8 LEAKS | REWARDS .

The pubg mobile royal pass elite costs 600UC ~ 10$  and the elite plus costs 1800UC. The elite plus version of the royal pass will give 25 RP ranks

Now  the main topic 

How to get pubg royal pass free  

1. Google Opinion Rewards - This app gives you rewards based on your country(In rs or dollars). The surveys from this app are not lengthy and return you a good reward. The survey can be 1 Question or up to 20~30 Question. The higher the number of question the higher the reward will be. I myself bought my first royal pass from this app.

2. Atta Pol - This is also a survey app but these are not like the other survey app where you will be asked to complete lengthy sruveys.  In this app, you will get credits in return for your survey response.
you can redeem 300 credit ~ 4$ eaisly. You can download it from this link - Atta Pol

3. Buy Prime Plus Subscription for pubg mobile - The prime plus subscription is the best way to buy the royal pass. It costs 390Rs~ 4/5$ ( For First Time). It will give you 300UC straight with rename card/crate and 20UC daily for 30 days so you will get 300 + (20 x 30) = 900UC.
In this method, you have to wait 15 days. The prime plus subscription will allow you to buy outfits and skins in BP Shop. Form there you can also buy skins and outfits.

How to complete a royal pass mission easily

The best way to complete the royal pass missions is to complete the mission in a different server from the server you play. Like if you play in the Asia server then complete the mission in the middle east or Europe server.

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