Best gun combo in pubg mobile | Weapon List Ranked

Best gun combo in pubg mobile | Weapon List Ranked

There are different types of guns available in pubg mobile and players often get confused about which gun to choose. So here I come with these gun combinations for you. I hope this will help you to increase your winning ratio.
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Which gun is best in pubg mobile?

Which gun should I use for more kills in pubg mobile?

all questions will be answered here. How to choose a gun or which gun will best suit me for the answer to this question first you have to find out which type of player you are. Do you prefer to rush or stay quiet and camp? Now, let's find out a deadly gun combo for pubg mobile.
M416 with Kar98 / M24 - Dynamo (Dynamo Gaming) uses this combination. It is probably the best combo in any situation of the game. M416 is good for mid-range and close-range, you can kill the enemy between 0-100 meter with M416 and with Kar98 or M24 you can kill enemy in the long-range.Kar98 and M24 are bolt action sniper rifle so it will take time to reload.M416 come with full auto and single firing mode.
         Attachment for M416 for best performance
  • Muzzle - Compensator
  • Muzzle - Kar98 - Suppressor
  • Grip - Vertical or Half Grip
  • Magazine - Extended Quickdraw 
  • Stock -  Tactical Stock
  • Scope - 2x / 3x or 6x reduced to 3x are best (in close range avoid scoping)
    AKM with DP-28 - Another combo from another great player Soul Mortal. You can use AKM and DP-28 both can be used in close-range and 6x on DP-28 can be used to kill mid-range and long-range players.AKM can destroy a level 3 helmet in 2-4 headshots.
          AKM best attachment
    • Muzzle - Compensator
    • Magazine - Extended Quickdraw
    • Scope - Holo / Red-dot / 2x
     There are no attachments for DP-28. Prone while using DP-28 will reduce the recoil because it has stand so they will reduce the recoil of the gun. 

    M416 / AKM with DMR ( Mini 14 / SKS/ SLR) - M416 and AKM should be used in close range and mini14 / SKS / SLR can be used to kill long-range players.
           Best Attachments for this combo
    • Muzzle -  for M416 / AKM - Compensator
    • Muzzle - for  mini14 / SKS / SLR - Suppressor (1st choice) / Compensator
    • Magazine -  Extended Quickdraw
    • Scope for m416/akm - Red-Dot/ Holo / 2x
    • Scope for  Mini 14 / SKS / SLR - 6x or 8x scope.
    I prefer using a suppressor on DMR because from distance the enemy will not be able to locate you in the first attempt so you will have the time to knock or kill him.  

    The above combinations are best for chicken dinner but you will not have these just after landing so you have to kill enemies with whatever you got. Here is a weapon guide to help and will answer your question like which gun is best for medium-range and long-range or close quarters.

    1. Close range and low ammo situation - If you have low ammo then enemies are in close range peeking from the house then the best option is to use graned or mocktail then guns like M16A4 and M416 or AKM can fire in single-mode are best for this kind of situation. Because in burst fire or auto mode many of the bullets did not hit the enemy.

    2. Recoil pattern  If you want to be a good player then you should learn how to control weapon recoil and understand recoil pattern. For understanding the pattern you have to go to training mode and pick akm or m416 and aim at any dummy and just fire don't do anything. These will result in an upward zig-zag pattern. Now to control this recoil you have to swipe down your thumb or finger or mouse if you are an emulator or pc player. In armory tab on the home screen in pubg mobile you can inspect a specific weapon. Now in attachment slot try different attachments like suppressor or compensator or flash hider with extended mag or quickdraw and grips you will see changes in range, power in the top right-hand side. Apply the best attachment and try them in training mode.
    3. Best practice in training mode -  In training mode pick up AKM and apply extended mag and 6x scope no compensator. Now try to aim at 60 m board and try to aim at his head. Try most of your bullet hits his head. This will need practice and time as you start hitting most of the bullets in body or head increase the distance. If you are able to hit most of the bullets then pick M416 with all the best attachment you will find how easily you are hitting the enemy.

    4. Reload Time Matters - I heard many of the players saying I get killed while reloading. So make sure you don't do this or repeat it. place. You have to analyze when to reload your weapon. If you are rushing on enemies don't just reload after knocking the first player if his teammate is near. 

    5. Assault Rifles vs SMG - I always prefer ARs because the rate of fire of smg is higher and recoil is also low but the damage is also low. An AR has higher damage so if your enemy has the smg then alway go with an AR or DMR because you just need to hit almost 3-4 headshots. SMGs are only meant for short-range but assault rifles are for both close and mid-range. so prefer using AR.

    6. AirDrop or Flare Gun Drop - You should always go for the drop because you will get level 3 helmet and level 3 west and level 3 backpack. There are 5 airt drop gun - Aug a3, Groza, M249, Mk14, AWM.Always use airdrop guns instead of guns in the game (normally available).  You can exchange M416 with AUG A3 , AKM with Groza and Mini 14 ( DMRs ) with Mk14 and Kar98/ M24 with AWM. M249 is machine gun which fire 100 bullets at a time and take more reload time but it is more stable and you can wipe one or two squads with it single round.

    Thanks for reading, support me by sharing and commeting. Happy Gaming.

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